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 Our Bondo is the perfected Prosaide© appliance.

An easy 2 step process to achieve any marred look you desire.


Our thousands of appliances give you a plethora of different looks, keeping each make-up fresh and creative.


Our Encapsulated bondo does not transfer. It is a formula that allows for a quick application in under 30 seconds. No mess, no fuss, simply "Wet, apply and Blend."


Our bondo is 100% skin safe. It comes in a stackable container with a long shelf life. Our Encapped Bondo is simply an essential item for any professional SPFX make-up kit.


Our Encapsulated Bondo was formulated by Academy Award winning artist Matthew W. Mungle of W.M. Creations, Inc. and handed down to us at SMART FX, now a W.M. Creations, CREATION!

*we know a guy, trust me.

Nicomah Tolliver is President of operations.

His family has worked in Motion Pictures for almost thirty years. Having been on set and behind the scenes, his expertise is to extend quality customer service while maintaining maximum efficiency and speed. 

We value your time.

 "If the film ain't turnin', you ain't earnin'."

Alex Smith, a BONDO Specialist, has worked nearly a decade in the Special Effects Make-up Industry

on Feature films and Television and has inherited this unique process from Oscar winners

Matthew W. Mungle and John E. Jackson. 

 smart-fx bondo

seals strong

Practical Effects for the Digital Age

  • Thiinking SMArt about bondo fx applications Translucent & colored 

  • select size, WET the skin with 99% Alcohol, APPLY, THEN BLEND it

  • E-CAP bond dries under 30 seconds leaving a fresh new "meat" to paint

  • Stock-up and feast 


 Use only 99% alcohol as the solvent strength is required to activate the glue.

E-CAP© bondo

E-CAP© formula combine classic FX fundamentals and materials. We're bringing the Cinema feel delivered straight to your doorsteps. 


Supply mail address or PO Box  the cost of shipping will be added to the account. Orders over $100 free shipping. Phone orders accepted.


All sales are final. At this time we do not and cannot receive returns.


SmartFX and it's affiliates are not responsible for misuse of product, improper application or any allergic reactions due to the active ingredient to apply bondo alcohol.

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Practical effects for the digital age